Sky High Music Library
Here is a few samples from some of the artists in the Sky High Audio Production Catalog. These tracks consist of rough mixes, unfinished mixes, live recordings, finished tracks & sample cuts. Please note the sound quality of some of these tracks are below standards due to mp3 quality & unfinished mixes.

Most are complete songs and are downloadable for FREE.
At the bottom of the list is some current music remixes from DJ SkyHigh.

Open Mic Live From Coalie Harry's
Produced by Tommy Deluca & SkyHigh.
3 years of Open Mic, produced 13 cds, many great recordings & jams. Check out the Open Mic Page for more than 75 downloadable MP3s from some of Winchester's local artists.
Song Samples
Open Mic Page
Ralph Fortune
Blues Singer/Songwriter
Ralph has been playing for 30 some years with
various artists and bands including Bluze Fuze
and No Drama. He has five CDs in the catalog.
Barrellhouse Bonnie
Blues Singer/Songwriter
A piano blues lady who started playing in
Winchester and landed in Chicago.
Song Sample
Woman Be Wise
La La
Developed & produced by JMoney.
She has a 4 song demo available.
Debbie Grimm
Playing classic blues & tunes for over 20 years,
Debbie has made her way through radio and
Tommy Deluca
Singer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer
Deluca was a business partner in the label, a producer of a few songs and a co-writer for quite a few songs in the catalog. Includings songs with SkyHigh, Angela, Jason Biddle, CL,
J-Money & Hussey.
The man that could play 20 songs in 20 minutes in the same chord progression. A stable member of the Open Mic Series.
Doug has a dedication album put together from his live performances.
Rock Songwriter
Graduating from Law School in Memphis. Travis Butler has become a name in the city's music scene with his new group. He composed a 3 song demo before departing the label.
Jay Powell
Alone or with a group. Acoustic or Electric. Jay Powell Rocks! He has and still performs with many artists and solo shows. Founder of Go Smack Alice, his new band Barcode currently performs weekly.
Jennifer Steele
A Front Royal,VA native. This songstress has compiled quite a catalog of original songs. She has played in the bands Wildcard & Lil Sister. She has performed with Blues Fuze & the Southern Rock Allstars. Steele has an acoustic live cd available.
Lil Sister
For over twenty years, the three guys have been core members of the group Rampage. With the introduction of Jennifer Steele. The band has taken on a new route and sound. From the classic hits of rock and the modern day masterpieces filling the airways to the sultry originals of Steele and the rest of the band.
Go Smack Alice
A band of guys that love what they do and makes damn sure the audience get their money's worth! A hard rock/metal act with a crushing but melodic style, able to entertain anyone of any age.
Hip Hop
A colaboration of the brother combination J-Money & CL. Other members include Mark Swinga, Elem Mason, C-Rock, Abdulla da Butcher, and a host of Northern Va Rappers setting in on many tracks. They have 2 cds and numerous tracks available.
J Money aka Dick Whiskey
Hip Hop Producer/Songwriter
Leader of the Skreen and the hottest beat creator north of Timberland. J-Money has 2 cds, numerous colaborating tracks & hundreds of beats ready for the next new artist. Currently a top DJ in the WV club circuit.
Hip Hop Producer/Songwriter
Brother to producer J-Money and member of the Smokeskreen. CL has colaborated with Angela & Deluca among many others. Check out sample tracks also under Smokeskreen. He is currently on a state paid vacation for a very long time.
Song Samples
Got 2 Go
In The Rain
Mark Swinga
Hip Hop Producer/Songwriter
A member of the Skreen gang. Swinga has recorded tracks with all members of the Skreen and has a complete album available. He currently resides in Texas.
Song Sample
Losin My Mind
Elem Mason
Hip Hop Producer/Songwriter
The man that has more aliases than years alive. Phuck Nutty has recorded many tracks throughout the land. A member of the Skreen, he has colaborated with his brother C-Rock and other family members on his debut album.
Hip Hop Producer/Songwriter
Brother of Elem and member of the Skreen. C-Rock has and family members head of the Mason Mob.
A graduate of Snenandoah University Angela was our first female recording artist. She appears on tracks with SmokeSkreen, CL & Tommy Deluca, who co-wrote the 3 song demo with her.
Jason Biddle
Country Singer/Songwriter
The labels first country act. Biddle penned his country hits with Tommy Deluca and Terry Oats. He had a 5 song demo recorded before jumping ship and heading for Minnesota.
Lucid Dreaming
A stable at our Open Mic series. Robert Ramphey currently records and plays at local open mics. He has numerous tracks available in the Open Mic Series.
Song Sample
Juilette Says
Grickle Grass
Classic Rock Jam Band
One of the greatest groups ever in Winchester, VA. Fronted by the White Brothers, Jeff Garber on guitar and Perry Glass (PG4 & Laugerhead) on drums. The band played for numerous years in the area.
DJ SkyHigh
Head of the Sky High Empire. Fleming started the label and recording studio with his first act Smokeskreen. Within 5 years Sky High was the biggest label and recording studio in Northern Virginia.
SkyHigh is currently one of the hottest DJs in the panhandle area. He has headlined and hosted numerous summer festivals in the area. A regular in the clubs & night life. He currently performs every week at the Blue Fox.

Enjoy some free remixes.

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