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DJ SkyHigh starting in 1999 as the first digital DJ in the tri-state area. 

DJ SkyHigh has performed in over 2000 public performances. 

DJ SkyHigh currently plays in the surrounding Winchester, VA area.

In the past, DJ SkyHigh has hosted open mic nights, trivia nights, comedy shows, line dancing, ladies nights, singles nights, all request nights, fund raisers, auctions, block parties, grand openings, ribbon cuttings, weddings, receptions, high school reunions & proms, birthdays, retro parties, beach parties, exotic dance parties and seasonal parties including: Christmas, New Year's Eve, Halloween, The Superbowl, Fourth of July
Cinco De Mayo and Marti Gras.

Available with equipment and lights or just the computer. You will never have to worry with another sound problem or lack of entertainment ever again. All show prices and contracts are negotiable. Average prices start at $500-$1000 (Up to 8 hours.)

Also offering personally designed advertising to promote the event. DJ SkyHigh has an in-house, state of the art, advertising agency fully equipped for any artistic job. From flyers and invitations to banners and personalized decorations.

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