Save Sky High
Started with the philosphy "Art for the Sake of Art"
Sky High Productions since it's creation has inspired masses.
Recieved & passed the torch, we continue to spread the word of ART through every media.

In 10 years Sky High Productions donated over $100,000
to charities, upstarting businesses and artists. We gave back more than we every brought in.

Now Sky High Productions exists in boxes and the minds of the people who want it to rise higher than before.

Yes, YOU can help. Find it in your heart to donate
just $5
to the SAVE SKY HIGH Fund.
For your donation you will recieve a box in the mail with assorted Sky High merchandise.

With your donation we tend to rebuild Sky High Productions.

We intend on creating a new home for Sky High Production. A Studio & Gallery for the artist.
Our new facilities will incorporate:

• Video editing and filming department
• Recording studio with master editing room & individual equipped work studios for multiple artists
• Graphic Design & Production studio equipped with Mac computers & Adobe Creative Suites
• Fine Arts loft equipped with painting & finishing booths
• Fine Arts gallery set up to handle multiple artist's collections. Equipped with bar, stage and gathering area for Art shows.
• Outside arena for local artists to perform.

Check or Money Order Send To:
Save Sky High • PO Box 1904 • Winchester, VA 22604

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