DJ SkyHigh Weddings Wedding Song List
For The Wedding Ceremony

DJ Skyhigh will meet with the wedding venue or make other plans with the couple, to access
what will be needed for the ceremony and the location. Depending on the size of the wedding
and venue. We will supply enough PA equipment to ensure great sound to your guests.
We also recommend your officiant has a microphone, that we can supply.
DJ Skyhigh will begin playing instrumental music for the arrival of the guests a half hour before the ceremony time unless otherwised informed. You can customize your playlist or let us pick the best songs for each event. We will coordinate with your wedding planner or the wedding party for the time of entrance. Once again we will play our, bride approved, ceremony playlist, unless you would like specific songs for the entrance of your wedding party and your walk down the aisle.

For The Cocktail Hour

If you are planning a cocktail hour. You can pick your playlist or let us entertain your guests for the time it takes, you to complete your photos and make your entrance. We will supply a PA setup, if in a different location than the reception. We will have background music playing and can extend the time of the cocktail depending on any delays that might happen with the wedding party or photos.
We will also make any announcements that need to be made.
Remind guests of any events they need to participate in.
Remind guests where they need to go next.
Let the guest know when it's time for the reception to begin.
We recommend working with your photographer to take pictures prior to the wedding
to cut down the time your guest will be waiting for your arrival.

For The Reception

There are many options to think of for the reception that we can help you with.
We supply a standard set up various lights with our standard costs. They include motion lights to
electrify the dance floor. Another option to think of is UPLIGHTING certain areas. These lights are an extra cost. They can be tuned to the colors of your wedding or even programmed to change moods as the event progresses. PIN SPOT LIGHTING can be used for all or specific tables to enhance them as the lights get darker. These are also an extra cost. We can also supply others lighting options based on your needs and the venue.

The main need of the reception is for all your guest to be able to hear and enjoy the events.
We will work will you, based on the size of the guest list and the venue, to ensure enough equipment to cover the entire reception. We will have all equipment and lights installed before your guest arrive. As they arrive, we will play an instrumental selection or a playlist of your choice, until you and the wedding party arrive.

We require you to fill out our complete reception planner to ensure we have all the information we need. We will gladly meet with you beforehand to help you plan the whole reception, or you can use our online planner and take your time with it. If you have a wedding planner, we will coordinate with them on all events. If you do not have a wedding planner. Don't worry....
DJ Skyhigh does almost everything a wedding planner does. We love custom and unique ideas
for your events. We can help you with idea to be creative if you would like to take that route.
If not,will follow our pre-planned reception timeline.

Whether you have hired a planner or not.
This is the responsibilities DJ Skyhigh usually handles at the wedding.

• Arrive early to set up each event we will be handling. (wedding, cocktail, reception)
• Coordinate with the officiant to set them up with a microphone and review timeline.
• Coordinate with the wedding party for the timing of their entrances.
• Welcome and coordinate with the guests as they arrive at the reception or cocktail hour.
• Advise the guests of the seating arrangements and any announcements that need to be made.
• Advise the guests of any activities to participate in or duties they will have for the evening.
• Entertain and keeping the guests updated to the arrival of you and the wedding party.
• Coordinate with the wedding party upon your arrival and prepare you for your entrance.
• Coordinate with and announce the person saying the blessing (if any).
• Call tables at appropriate times for the buffet line, unless it is a served dinner.
• Keep the wedding couple on time for all the events.
• Coordinate with the wait staff to be prepared for the toasts and cake cutting.
• Continue to keep all events running on time and the tone of the reception perfect for all guests.
• Advise the guests when all events are happening and how they will be participating.
• Coordinating with you for your exit from the reception.

What We Require

• We require you to fill out our complete reception planner to ensure we have all the information we need.
• We would like to meet with you, but not required, to go over any questions or issues you might have.
• We require a deposit of half of the total fee, at the signing of the contract, to ensure your date is kept.


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