Comic Book Movies
1. From the mind of Todd Mcfarland came this superhero from hell. He was suppose to lead the armies of hell. Now he fights them.

2. This super hero use to be a scientist, but after an accident he is transformed into a hidious monster that lives in the swamp.

3. The first adaption of this famous vigilanti was played by douf lunden. it was remade again with Thomas Jane. His name is Frank Castle and he wears a skull on his chest.

4. David Hasslehoff played the first adaption of the man who runs the organization
of SHIELD in 1998. Now Marvel has changed the color of their character and Samuel Jackson is the man.

5. Wesley Snipes played the roll of the Vampire super hero in three movies before he quit. Then it was adapted for a tv series with a new actor. Name the character?

6. This superhero co-starred in Daredevil before she had her on movie starring Jennifer Gardner.

7. Nicolas Cage brought this flaming skeleton to life. He rides a motorcycle and uses chains to beat bad guys up.

8. He's a big red demon from hell who works for the government fighting supernatural things.

9. Played by Slyvestor Stallone and now by Kal Urban.
This motorcycle riding cop is judge & jury. He is the law.

10. Alec Baldwin brought this classic character from the 30s to life in 1994.
He is Lamont Cranston. Name his alter ego.