NFL Numbers

1. Well let's start out with the most liked player in the league…or at least one of the most liked. If you like his team. It's either a #7 jersey or His #43 which I see more of. He put the Strong back in safety.

2. Number 00 for the raiders. He was a 15 year hall of Fame Center.

3. He has the ugliest shirt on TV. If he put that #29 on it. It might look better.
He carried his number through 4 teams.

4. My bartender friend at the pub wanted to wear #32 since he was one of the top 40 players of all time. But his memobillia has just dropped in worth over the years. Hell it aint even worth stealing unless you want to be kidnapped and held hostage.

5. #20 is Number 1 on many lists. No its not ed reed. His team mascot the lion would shred a raven.

6. #32 is ranked as the Number 2 player of all times. You would think he was the owners kid or owned the team with the name he had.

7. #80 was retired in 2006 by the 49ers. After he brief leave of the team he had to change his number to 19.

8. #85 Over 30 players wear this number currently, but this guy changed his name to it to own it.

9. #19 3 great QBs of the top of my head have worn this number.

10. #99 This Defensive Tackle racked up 96.5 sacks for the Bucs & Radiers.