Family Guy

1. When Peter went undercover at high school to make Meg popular.
What Star Wars character's name did he use instead of Peter?

2. Peter had to do a mobster a favor by hanging out with his nephew. What was his name?
a. Big Fat Sammy
b. Big Fat Louie
c. Big Fat Paulie
d. skinny pete

3. Peter gets lyposuction and finds out about an exclusive club in Quahog that he is invited now to visit.

4. For 20 points a piece name the two turn of the century strongmen that are usually riding high wheel bikes or lifting weights?

5. Clevand not only has an ex-wife. He also has a younger brother who is well know for his surgery on Give Me A Breaks Nell Carter......
What is his name
a. Henson
b. Cleveland 2
c. Broderick
d. Cameron

6. Stewie cross-dresses in order to star in the American version of Jolly Farm Revue.
What famous actress guest starred as Mother Maggie and later returned a few other episodes also. She thinks the Devil wears Prada and made her career doing a little movie called the Princess Diaries.

7. James Woods teams up with Brian on his new tv show that CBS turns into a mockery. What was the name of the show?
a. Class Sucks
b. Class Holes
c. After School Holes
d. James Woods Sucks

8. What famous Right Wing Controversial Conservative radio & tv host. Saves Brian's life from getting jumped by a gang and in return he reads his book?

9. Why did meg go to jail?

10. Why does Brian's blind girlfriend dump him?

Bonus. We found out in an episode that Tom Tucker was a failed actor. What famous John Carpenter horror movie sequel was he in.