Dates In History

1.JAN 21st, 1924
a. Russia formed
b. Lenin The Bolshevik Died
c. Ford Motors created
d. Start of WWI

2.SEPT 25, 1926
a. Winston Churchill Born
b. Hindenburg
c. 5 day work week created
d. Car was created

3.MAY 21st,1927
a. Spirit of St Louis crossed Atlantic
b. Chevy Motors created
c. Hitler Born
d. Start of WWI

4.SEPT 3rd, 1928
a. 1st space test
b. Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillium
c. Harley Davidson starts up
d. Nazi Party Created

5.OCT 29th 1929
a. Iraq formed
b. Napolian killed
c. Hitler died
d. Wall Street Crashes

6.MARCH 12th,1930
a. Maraguania banned in US
b. Gandhi's 240 Mile March
c. St Theresea was born
d. JFK was born

7.JUNE 10th, 1935
A. AA Was created
b. Prohibition started
c. whiskey hit the market
d. Amheiser-Bush started

8.MARCH 3rd, 1938
a. FDR elected
b. Statue of Liberty opened
c. Oil Discovered in Saudi Arabia
d. the religion Islam is born

9.APRIL 15th, 1938
a. GW Bush is born
b. Batman is born
c. Superman is born
d. Osama Bin Laden is born

10.SEPT 1st, 1939
a. Russia kills Hitler
b. Hitler invades England
c. Hitler Invades Poland
d. Hitler and the napolian meet