Food & Drink: BEER
1. What beer company boasts the oldest, registered trademark in the world?
A. Worthington
B. Amheiser Bush
C. Becks
D. Bass

2. Pick the odd one out?
A. Corona
B. Dos Equis
C. Chihuahua
D. Tabasco

3. What famous beer do Desnoes and Geddes of Kingston, Jamaica produce?
A. Heineken
B. Red Stripe
C. San Miguel
D. Stella Artois

4. Which of these brewers is from Belgium?
A. Spatan
B. St Paulies Girl
C. Jupiler
D. Grolsh

5. What famous brewing company was founded by J.C. Jacobsen, in Copenhagen, Denmark?
A. Ottakringer
B. Holsten
C. Carlsburg
D. Heineken

6. The name of the 'National' beer of the United States is the world famous 'Budweiser'. What other country produces its own 'Budweiser', known as 'Budvar'?
A. Belgium
B. Czech Republic
C. Germany
D. Austria

7. What city gives its name to the lightest, palest, styles of lager?
A. Belgium
B. Saison
C. Enkle
D. Pilsen

8. Where is Castlemaine XXXX beer From?
A. England
B. Canada
D. Australia

9.What famous beer was created at St. James Gate, Dublin?
A. Murphys
B. Guinness
C. harp
D. Fosters

10. What beer making company patented 'Ice' beer?
A. Coors
B. Molson
C. Labatt
D. Rolling Rock