1. What was the name of the chewy candy that single-handedly broke up Elaine and her boyfriend, Jake Jarmel?
• Swedish Fish
• Circus Peanuts
• Sour Patch Kids
• Jujifruits

2. In "The Dinner Party", what candy bar did Kramer tell George to buy from a news stand so they could get change for a one hundred dollar bill?
• Mars Bar
• 100 Grand
• Snickers
• Clark Bar

3. What candy bar did George go nuts over when Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and him were at the dealership Puddy worked at?
• Fifth Avenue Bar
• Twix
• Milky Way
• Kit Kat

4. What candy was Kramer referring to when he said "'s chocolate, it's peppermint, it's delicious!"?

5. What candy bar fortune was Sue Ellen Mishke an heiress to?
• Nestle's Crunch Bar
• Oh Henry! Bar
• zagnut
• Butterfinger

6. In "The Betrayal", the episode is shown from the story's end to it's beginning. During the episode, not only does the plot unfold but so does the candy Kramer was eating. What type candy was Kramer eating?
• rock candy
• a lollipop
• a chocolate bar
• a jawbreaker

7. What type of Chinese candy did Lloyd Braun give Jerry?
• Chinese gum
• Chinese Lemonheads
• Chinese Jujifruits
• Chinese taffy

8. In "The Pledge Drive", what brand of candy bar did Mr. Pitt eat with a knife and fork?
• Milky Way
• Snickers
• Twix
• Hershey's Bar

9. In one episode, Jerry placed a dispenser on Elaine's lap, making her crack up during George's girlfriend's piano recital. What kind candy did this dispenser hold?
• Pez
• Junior Mints
• Chicklets gum
• Mini M&M's

10. In "The Heart Attack", what brand of candy did the ambulance driver and the assistant get into a fight over?
• Chuckles
• Milk Duds
• Fruit Loops
• Pop Rocks