FOOD & DRINK Answers
1. What beer company boasts the oldest, registered trademark in the world?
Answer: (D. Bass)

2. Pick the odd one out?
Answer: (D. Tabasco)

3. What famous beer do Desnoes and Geddes of Kingston, Jamaica produce?
Answer: (B. Red Stripe)

4. Which of these brewers is from Belgium?
Answer: (C. Jupiler)

5. What famous brewing company was founded by J.C. Jacobsen, in Copenhagen, Denmark?
Answer: (C. Carlsburg)

6. The name of the 'National' beer of the United States is the world famous 'Budweiser'. What other country produces its own 'Budweiser', known as 'Budvar'?
Answer: (B. Czech Republic)

7. What city gives its name to the lightest, palest, styles of lager?
Answer: (D. Pilsen)

8. Where is Castlemaine XXXX beer From?
Answer: (D. Australia)

9.What famous beer was created at St. James Gate, Dublin?
Answer: (B. Guinness)

10. What beer making company patented 'Ice' beer?
Answer: (C. Labatt)