Guitar Gods Answers

1. On the list writes half of every hit for Bon Jovi. He has gotten more famous for his women like his ex wife Heather Locklear and his last girlfriend the x ms sheen Denise Richards.
Richie Sambora

2. His real name is Saul Hudson. He's more famous for his top hat and his Addams Family It look since he has never changed his style. He busted out riffs for Michael Jackson's Black & White. His last band Velvet Revolver called it quits and he just got into the R&R Hall of fame with this band.

3. He was suppose to replace Izzy Stradlin in GNR when he quit. He started with and returned to his first band Janes Addiction. He did his time wearing a sock on his member with the chili peppers. He's Carmen Electra's ex and probably the only white person she ever dated. Now you can see him judging tattoos on tv.
Dave Navarro

4. He was the SPACEMAN for Kiss before being the first to leave Gene Simmons and start his own band. He rejoined for a while then sold his name and image to those Sellouts that should retire of just hire a whole new band to tour for them.
Ace Frehley

5. He's a grammy winner. Kept Lisa Bonet Barefooted, prevent and locked in a closet. He recently played Cinna in the Hunger Games as his acting career is taking off.
Lenny Kravitz

6. Lets put a Goddess on the list. Carmelita Rossana.
She was a Runaway with Joan Jett but it wasn't until Sharon Osbourne took her under her wing and she opened and recorded for Ozzy before she was well known.
Lita Ford

7. Metallica couldn't stand him. They kicked him off the bus and out of the band. So he went and started Megadeath and became their biggest nemesis.
Dave Mustaine

8. Speaking of Metallica. He's ranked by Rolling Stone as Number 11. For over 30 years I have felt he created his own genre with his guitar riffs.
Kirk Hammett

9. You can here him weekly on 99.3 with he own syndicated show. His new band is 6am, but he will always be a part of the Motley Crue. He's died 3 times and wrote a book about it.
Nikki Sixx

10. He made the mouth thing popular after Peter Framton came Alive. He has been the 2nd half of Steven Tyler's creativeness and been rocking for nearly 40 years.
Joe Perry