Music Answers


1. Which popular band from the late 1960s and early 1970s took their name from an Australian Aboriginal custom of sleeping with one's pets for warmth when the weather got chilly?
Three Dog Night
According to Aboriginal lore, a one dog night is not that uncommon, a two dog night is pretty rare, but a three dog night is as cold as it gets.

2. Although Johnny Carson was given half the writing credits, the "Tonight Show" theme was actually a solo writing effort by which rock and roll pioneer from the 1950s?
Paul Anka

3. Which hard rocking front man showed a little bit of his pop side when he wrote a big hit in 1981 for Rick Springfield with "I've Done Everything For You"?
Sammy Hagar

4. R&B singer Roberta Flack hit number one on the pop charts for six weeks in 1972 with the love song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face". In which popular 1971 movie was the song featured?
Play Misty For Me
The song was featured in "Play Misty For Me", probably the only film in which Clint Eastwood ever portrayed a DJ.

5. When the Rolling Stones appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1967, which song were they forced to change the lyrics to so that it wouldn't be censored by the CBS Network censors?
Let's Spend the Night Together
A clearly annoyed Mick was forced to sing "let's spend some time together" and made faces through out the entire performance.

6. The mother of which 1960s rock and roll guitar player invented the product that eventually became known as liquid paper, in 1956? She eventually left her famous son half of an estate worth about $50,000,000 when she passed away in 1980.
Michael Nesmith

7. In 1973 Roberta Flack hit number one on the pop charts again, this time for five weeks with her version of "Killing Me Softly With His Song". The song was inspired by a poem by Lori Lieberman in tribute to which rock and roll star of the early 1970s?
Don McLean

8. One year before the Bicentennial in 1975, Elton John hit number one on the pop charts with the classic "Philadelphia Freedom". What famous person was Elton inspired by when he wrote the song?
Billie Jean King
The song was a tribute to Billie Jean's victory in straight sets over Bobby Riggs. The match just happen to take place in Philly, which caused some of the confusion over the meaning of the lyrics that close to 1976.

9. Who was the first woman elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Aretha Franklin
The Queen of Soul was elected in the second year of voting in 1987. Diana Ross and the Supremes were inducted the following year.

10. Between April and July of 1977 two actors who were then starring on separate hit shows on ABC television also hit number one on the pop charts. Which two singers/actors reached the top of the charts in 1977?
David Soul and Shaun Cassidy
David Soul was starring in Starsky and Hutch and hit number one with "Don't Give Up on Us" and Shaun Cassidy was starring in the Hardy Boys and topped the charts with his remake of "Da Do Ron Ron".

11. In 1986 Billy Vera, who had mild success in the 1960s, had his first number one pop hit with "At This Moment" at the age of 42. Although the song was recorded in 1981 it hit number one on the charts five years later due to it being included in an episode of which hit sitcom in the fall of 1986?
Family Ties