SNL Answers


1. Everyone that didn't even watch SNL knows Eddie Murphy's Buckwheet. But what famous female star played Alfalfa the Buckwheat shooter?
Mary Gross

2. Andy Samburg just left the show because he's a bonified star now. One of his musical characters is the worse white rapper ever. What is his name?

3. Adam Sandler plays a boy scout that is very Niave and has a strange attachment to his drinking instrument. He took the character further when he created him into the Waterboy. Name the SNL character that started.
Canteen Boy

4. David Spade played a receptionist for a famous TV personality. He would not let anyone in to see him. Not even God. Who Was he?
Dick Clark

5. Jack Handy was a voice over character that read us what?
Deep Thoughts

6. WHat was the name of Hans & Frans show?
Pumping Up

7. Recently Bill Hader created his impression of the Wikilinks guy….What's that guys name?
Julian Assange

8. This was a stalking character mostly played by Chevy Chase. It consisted of a door, someone home alone and a…..
Land Shark

9. What actor played everyone's favorite guy who sat near the copy machine? He went on to play Big Stan and Deuce Bigalo and of course movie roles like this one….
Rob Schneider

10. With the recent election. SNL rolled out their new Obama impersonation. Dana Carvey gave us one of our best presidents of all times. Who was it.
George Bush