TV CoStars Answers


1. He's the bus driver from the Simpsons. He always has head phones on, plays guitar and loves extracuricular activities. Who is he?

2. The purple muppet from Seseme Street who became more lovable than Big Bird & Kermit. Who is he? Grover

3. He delivers mail in Seinfeld. he's Kramers best friend and jerry's nemis. Who is he? Numan

4. He's JD's brown bear on Scrubs. A Surgeon who married Carla the Nurse and has diabeties. Who is he? Turk

5. He's from My Name Is Earl. He stole Earl's wife? He works at the Crab Shaq and has a crazy fro. Who is he? Crabman or Darnell

6. The second oldest brother from malcolm in the middle. he's the bully that always gets in trouble. He joined the army and married a russian girl. Who is he?

7. He's the one you can't understand on King of the Hill. He's a ladies man and his dad is a doctor. Who is he? Boomhower

8. The robot from Futurama. He's rude, crude and gets in the most trouble. Who is he? Bender

9. He's a pilot and The Griffins next door neighbor on Family Guy. A pervert that will do anything to get laid. Who is he?

10. Know as the foreign kid on that 70's show. No one can say his last name and no one knows what country he is from. Who is he?

Bonus: Name Alex P Keaton's Best Friend
Irwin"Skippy" Handelman